Our Story

Welcome to the Tiny Wave Surf Club, where the sun-kissed shores meet the most gentle ripples of the ocean, and the only competition is for who can have the most fun. We're not your typical surf club; we're a community of like-minded surfers who have come together to redefine the essence of surfing. Here, it's not about who rides the biggest waves or performs the most critical maneuvers. It's all about embracing the sheer joy of riding those tiny, playful waves that remind us why we fell in love with the ocean in the first place.

Tiny Wave Surf Club - Girls Just Wanna Have Sun

We understand that life is too short to take everything so seriously. Our motto? Slide for joy. Instead of worrying over rankings and competing for titles, we're all about embracing the beauty of the ocean and the simple pleasure of gliding on the face of a wave. Those intense roundhouse cutbacks? We've switched them up for the ever graceful lookbacks and laybacks. Each and every wave becomes a canvas for creative expression- quirky, silly, signature moves that leave us all laughing and cheering, rank highly in our books.

In Tiny Wave Surf Club, diversity is our strength. Whether you're a newbie learning on a beat-up old soft top or a pro effortlessly hanging heels with the best of the best, you'll find your place in the lineup. We believe that every surfer has something unique to offer, and our community thrives on the different perspectives and experiences that each individual brings. New friendships are formed and old ones are strengthened as we share the lineups together.

Tiny Wave Surf Club - Husni Hang Heels

From the white sandy shores of Australia to the rugged coastlines of California, you'll encounter pockets of our community in every corner of the world. We're the ones catching waves with grins wider than the horizon, radiating a contagious positivity that invites everyone around to join.

So, if you're seeking a surf club that's more about laughter than trophies, Tiny Wave Surf Club is where you belong. Come and paddle out with us as we celebrate the simple pleasure of riding waves, dancing with the tides, and embracing the magic of the ocean.